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It's all about Hair



 " I can honestly say this was one of the best hair experiences I've ever had.  Seola is extremely beyond!

She has an extensive background in high end salons and her work and service definitely reflect that. 

 I LOVE how my hair turned out "

| Gina C.|

 " I am incredibly particular and sensitive about my hair so I refused to switch colorists for like six years until Seola Kim. She understood exactly what kind of cut I wanted and what kind of color I wanted from the very first session. She understood that I lead an incredibly demanding and busy life and needed gorgeous hair that didn’t require constant fussing (don’t nobody got time for that!). She wasn’t lying when she said her method allows the hair to remain stunning for much much longer.

  I was getting compliments for my ombré for SIX MONTHS


  I swear I only get my hair done twice a year now and only Seola is allowed anywhere near my hair. Thank you! "

|Army. C|


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